Your Last Will & Testament

Everyone Needs A Will

Whether you are a single parent or have no child, you still need a last will and testament.

Download this simple will template if your assets, investments, and debts are not complicated. If you have offshore investments, trusts, and multiple properties, contact reputable attorneys to draw up your will.

To ensure your will is valid, you must ensure it meets the following requirements:

  • Wills must be in writing, typed or handwritten.
  • The will must be signed, and done so with at least two competent witnesses present, at the same time and with the testator present.
  • Each page must be signed by the testator and witnesses.
  • If there are any specified special bequests/ requirements, the testator and the witnesses must also sign in the margin next to these points.
  • Ensure to date the will. This is of vital importance so that it can be established which is the final, last will and testament.
  • A line should be ruled through any blank spaces remaining, so no further points can be fraudulently added to the will.
  • Heirs specified in the will, i.e. any people who will inherit from the will, may not sign as witnesses or complete any part of this document.

Your Choice Of Executor

When choosing a person to be the executor of your estate, it is important to do so with careful consideration. Your nominee should be honest, reliable, solvent, and likely to still be alive when you die.  You can also choose an attorney or financial institution. A beneficiary can be nominated as the executor, provided they are over the age of 18, solvent, and competent. Should the executor you nominate not have experience in handling estates, they can always be helped by an attorney. It is recommended that you ask the person you wish to act as your executor if they are willing to do so.

Preparing The Necessary Documents

You should prepare a file containing your will, certified copies of important documents, and in some cases, the original documents can also be included in the file. Some of the documents to be included are as follows:

  • Last will and testament
  • Birth certificate
  • Certified copy of identity document
  • Certified copy of firearm licence
  • Details of all investments/ savings – policy/ account numbers and contact details.
  • Details of all insurance policies – policy numbers and insurer contact details.
  • Vehicle registration documents
  • List of all financial institutions you owe money to, with account details and contact details, e.g.
    • Credit cards
    • Personal loans
    • Overdrafts
    • Bonds
    • Vehicle finance
  • Store accounts you owe money to.
  • Telephone account
  • Details of anyone who owed you money.

Double-checking Your Will

It is always a good idea if you are writing your own will to ask an attorney to review it to ensure your wishes are set down correctly and can be understood and above all that the will is compliant with the law.